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Whats next?

Monday, 22. December 2014

unbelievable, we have done it. But Africa is not for the faint-hearted. I have to admit, there were some moments of frustration over the last three weeks, but not a second of doubt whether we will achieve, no dull moment either.

I don’t want to repeat what we have already posted on our Facebook page “Out in Africa Wildlife Lodge“.
You can follow the most exiting day of our lodge project so far, via five blog episodes:

  • December 19 “Almost unreal – …” with 4 photos
  • December 19 “On the road – …” with 5 photos
  • December 19 “When crossing the N1 …” with 5 photos
  • December 20 “We are still overwhelmed …” with 4 photos
  • December 20 “Almost there …” with 4 photos

And to proof that this is not just our imagination we had a welcome braai for the dining car with friends and neighbours.
So we’ve got enough witnesses.

DSCN3206 copy DSCN3210 copy DSCN3216 copy
Some could not believe it, until they saw it. But everybody was excited and did congratulate to our achievement.

Friday, the twelfth – I am gatvol

Friday, 12. December 2014

I wish, I could erase Friday, 12.12.2014 from the calendar!
We were so close! We were almost to buy the champagne for the BIG DAY, a major milestone just 72 hrs away.
But things fell apart. No reliable internet connectivity, neither cell phone reception to recover, if there was anything to recover.

Bottom line: one crappy day delays our project by one month.

I am gatvol!

Festive Season

Sunday, 7. December 2014

starts with a lovely afternoon and evening with friends coming to the farm to a “year end get together”.

DSCN2917 copy DSCN2919 copy DSCN2921 copy DSCN2922 copy DSCN2923 copy DSCN2924 copy DSCN2926 copy DSCN2927 copy IMG_0683 copy










Food and drinks in abundance, good talks and lots of laughter. Especially the kids liked the ride on the “zebra” around the property. Which turned out becoming a proper game drive. The sightings: impalas, a tsesebee, read heartebeasts (one of them with a fowl), franklins.