6. May 2015 by Ludger

Leaving the house this morning at 5, and the first thing I encounter: smell of fire.
Luckily no glow of a fire anywhere in the sky, so the smell must be from last nights fire.

Actually yesterday was the third day in a row with 2 veld fires each around the reserve. Sunday there where two big fires north of the DGR, and Monday again pretty much in the very same area. Yesterday two fires south of the reserve, visible from the highway when I was on my way home from Sandton. Although there was barely any wind – good for the firefighters -, one could smell the fire when leaving the N1 onto the Rust de Winter road.

We are still in the first week of May, and 6 fires already. Not a good sign, but a result of the dry summer this year.

You remember the zebra Landy (see blog from 9. Sept. 2014)? I am considering to turn it into a fire truck – at least during the winter months. While I would like to invest the money in the lodge, a fire engine may pay of in a worst case scenario. I already took measurements. Now have to check whether a fire pack – a combination of a 600 ltr water tank, a 4 stroke pump with a suction hose to fill the tank and a minimum 30 m hose with nozzle to fight fire – fits into the load bin.

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