A Busy Weekend

30. November 2014 by Ludger

Last weekend we made tangible progress towards our lodge.
Sand, stone and cement were already waiting for a week. Things get rolling with the arrival of heavy metal.
A picture paints a thousand words – what about a movie?
(As long as we are battling with the size of the movies, respectively the performance to access them, we stick with pics)

DSCN2670 copy DSCN2677 copy DSCN2696 copy

DSCN2736 copy DSCN2754 copy DSCN2756 copy






Heavy metal is essential, but it is by no means all of it. Some have to look for the detail, others for the basics.
DSCN2782 copy DSCN2789 copy DSCN2793 copy







The next phase indicated by the first wheel barrow of concrete going to its final destination.

DSCN2800 copy DSCN2802 copy DSCN2803 copy






There is a long way to go, when rain kicks in. And the Gazebo, that protected the guys from the sun yesterday is now protecting the foundation from rain, when we come to realise that the builder was true from the beginning: We have not got delivered the right amount of stone and sand.

DSCN2805 copy DSCN2812 copy DSCN2820 copy





Luckily we can now mix directly on site.
DSCN2844 copy DSCN2847 copy DSCN2848 copy





There where moments, when we thought not even one foundation could be casted. But typical African, we made a plan, and it was not long for the final touches for the bed for bogey 1.
DSCN2861 copyDSCN2868 copyDSCN2867 copy

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