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This Morning’s Commute

Wednesday, 12. November 2014

My commute this morning out of the reserve, a birder might have it even more appreciated than me.
Today, there was barely any mammal visible; may be due to the light rain?

But there were more birds than ever. Besides the usual flocks of Blue Helmet Guinee Fowls, Starlings, Franklins and so on, there where

  • four Hammerkopp, actually it might have been only three, because one flew of and might have actually been the same showing as the next sighting;
  • a European Roller (he might be pretty stationary, since I see pretty often in the area I spotted him);
  • a Crested Barbet;
  • two Egrets (next to Bruce’s place); and last not least
  • an African Fish Eagle

Unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to take some pics, but I will screen my archives whether I have some shots of these inhabitants of our reserve, and post them later.