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Saturday, 4. October 2014

What was supposed a quick job, doing groceries, became a lengthy endeavour.

Well some would say groceries at us is never a quick job, since to get out of the reserve and to the shops is at minimum 30 minutes.

Since Choppies didn’t have what we needed, I had to go to Jubilee Mall, which should have been just 5 more minutes. But there was a bottle neck on the way. Actually I never perceived the bridge over the railway as such, but as there is no alternative route, today it became one. Took me 15 minutes to get over the bridge, and it looked as if it would take me an hour back. Bumper to bumper all the way up to the mall and beyond.

Actually the way back was not as bad as expected. Doing groceries took me ages, since they had a system failure at PnP, and card payment worked only once in a while. So when turned towards home the traffic jam was almost gone.

IMG_0637 copyIMG_0634 copyAnd this was the reason for the onlookers:


Obviously happened in the morning.
I am wondering for the reason