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The most recent horse in our stables

Tuesday, 9. September 2014

definitely not the youngest.
Well, I am not sure whether this paraphrasing of a Germain saying translates in English – maybe it is GEnglish.  😉

I am speaking about our workhorse in pyjamas, a 1958 Series 2A Land Rover with a zebra pattern paint.

DSCN2232 copyDSCN2231 copyAfter our hands-on experience with fire fighting in our neighbourhood, we have decided to upgrade our equipment.
Fire beaters are necessary, but not enough considering our tented lodge in the making.

So we will buy a veld fire fighting unit, and during the winter months she will carry this. For the rest of the year she’ll be a multi-purpose work horse.

DSCN2234 copy

To acclimatise her to the the new environment, we take her on a sun downer tour around the farm.