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After months

Monday, 29. September 2014

eventually last night by about midnight we had the first rain for months. It was definitely not enough. But this morning the sky is covered, there is still some wind and some drizzle in the air.

We need more rain to see the veld burst in green and colours.

Don’t halloo till you’re out of the wood!

Tuesday, 16. September 2014

We were supposed to pick up the key for our P.O. Box yesterday afternoon. We tried to do it today, in vain. The part of SAPO (South African Post Office), that is responsible for the P.O. Boxes, as well as those for delivery are still on strike.

So we have a P.O. Box, but no key, which is not so important, since there won’t be delivery anyway. 😉

But we got a phone number to call, to check whether the strike is still on or over.

Quick change of seasons

Sunday, 14. September 2014

For the rhino festival 2 weekends ago a number of friends joining intended to camp at our place. They ultimately didn’t, since they perceived it was too cold.

This weekend – actually since mid last week – temperatures made you wish to spent the day in a pool.
This is South African spring.