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Name Finding

Monday, 11. August 2014

To let the puppies go was a necessity, but it was not easy. To not get even more attached we didn’t give them names.

Now that there only the two left we are going to keep – they are now 11.5 weeks old – we have to hurry up naming them.

It would not be us, if we wouldn’t make it a challenge to us.

  • It should be African names
  • They should fit to Mungane and Zipho,
  • but they should not sound too similar to them, neither to Hlozi
  • And last not least the meaning should fit their character.

At this stage we are in the phase were the list is getting longer and longer:

  • Thandiwe (iXhosa)                 –     loving one
  • Lungile (iZulu)                        –     the good one
  • Nkosazana (iXhosa)               –     princess
  • Tumelo (Tswana / Sotho)     –     faith
  • Naledi  (???)                            –     star
  • Jabulayo (iZulu)                     –     happy
  • Ukudlala (iZulu)                     –    playful
  • Ukwazi (iZulu)                        –     inquisitive
  • Injabulo (iZulu)                      –     joy
  • Umlingo (iZulu)                     –     miracle
  • Ubomi (iZulu)                        –     happiness

These are 11 out of a much bigger list, but still it is 9 too much.
So we wonder, which it gonna be. Or maybe completely others?