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This to me !

Sunday, 10. August 2014

You have to acknowledge, I am not a dog person. Now I have to share my place with four dogs! And I wouldn’t have dreamed what this may mean.

Since the 10th puppy left for a new home on Friday, we prepared our kitchen in a way we could accommodate 4 dogs in the house, since the puppies were now too few to give warmth to each other during the winter nights. So we separated off a section with planks that houses now the puppies’ bed and the cushion Mugane and Zipho used to sleep on. Since we knew Mungane is a bit skittish with the little ones, we put two blankets outside the dog section to provide a retreat.

Last night, sound asleep, I woke up by a cold nose in my face. Since we did braai and chat with friends until late next to the studio, I was not sure what the dogs did, or did not, at the house. So I bit the bullet, and got out of bed, because Mungane might need to go for a wee, or give me a signal w.r.t. the puppies. I got to the kitchen, the puppies were asleep, so opened the door and let him out. But all he did was walking out the house by two meters and sit, and watch the moon. Hence I called him back in – “Go to your bed”, being a bit annoyed. Meanwhile my eyes had adopted to the lighting conditions. And I saw the reason why Mungane now was just standing inside the kitchen and staring at me. Zipho was sleeping on the blankets outside the dog section stretched out in a way there was no space for him.

I repeated “Go to bed!”, hoping, but not really expecting he might jump into the dogs’ section and sleep next the puppies. But he turned around and moved towards our bedroom – you have to imagine there are no doors within the house other than to the bathroom. I thought to myself – well, I don’t like it, but I understand he has not really a place to go, and I silently accepted that he was going to sleep on the rug between Monique’s bed and the bathroom.

I only wanted to use the bathroom quickly and get back into my bed. Since I didn’t want to wake up Monique that whole action took place without turning on the lights. Since the curtains in our bedroom were closed it was almost pitch dark, but when I moved from the bathroom towards my bed I was under the impression Mungane is lying on the rug.

Got caught by surprise when I wanted to enter my bed, that I could not lift the blanket. Then I realised, it was Mungane laying o my bed. And Monique did not even realise who was laying next to her.
This nasty dog took me literally. I did say “Go to bed !” Not, “Go to your bed”. And when he found my bed empty, he obviously thought he was entitled to occupy it.