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Rhino Festival

Sunday, 31. August 2014

Spent a nice evening last night with friends at the fund raising function to support the anti poaching efforts in our reserve.

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Hectic Day

Saturday, 30. August 2014

Today was filled with activities and events that could have easily filled three days. First of all it was a normal working day, with a series of calls and innumerable emails, the usual.
In between I had to run out to check, and help on the replacement of our water tank. While I was on the phone the guys did a lot of prep work: empty the old tank, weld an arm to the stand, rig the tank. As it was a third down the tower bend, and the tank came down in slow motion, landing with a big splash in the dam next to the stand. So before anything else the tower had to be fixed. Getting the new tank on the stand was a mission of its own. Three times the rope broke.

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My working day started at 6:15, so when the guys left sometime between 16:00 and 16:30, I was looking forward to a cup of coffee, and slowly but surely looking forward to the weekend, hoping that would be no emergency from work.
I just had the first sip when I got an emergency call, but from a completely unexpected source. Our neighbour and deputy of the regional fire fighting unit was on the phone. They did need all hands to fight a veld fire that was rushing thru the area due to the heavy winds. I met the guys just about a kilometer from our place (luckily for us the wind was blowing in a direction that our place was not in danger). It was bad, it was heavy. When the fire was contained towards the reserve, we rushed to get to the head, to help to stop it. The smoke of our counter-fire was barely to stand because the wind was pushing it right in our faces. And it was getting dark, visibility close to nothing. Twice we managed to stop it when it jumped over the burned break. The guys and girls from “Working on Fire” did an amazing job. I left the scene with the regional fire chief and my neighbour to check the area – spooky view! All the patches of fire around, not really to capture with a phone.

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By the way, they got names

Sunday, 24. August 2014

I am speaking about our puppies, the two we kept of a litter of 12.


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