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Moving pictures – 3 weeks later

Sunday, 22. June 2014


Not only surrogate mom and peace keeping force, but also jungle gym – the puppies are demanding.

Adansonia digitata

Friday, 20. June 2014

DSCN1370 webTwo of them grow in our garden.
Compared to the famous giants they are still babies.
And once they will have reached the size of Chapman’s Baobab, we will long be gone and most likely forgotten.

Kruger National ParkĀ  advertises the most southern Baobab.
Should we compete?
Well, we are further south and we are much higher in altitude. So we should conclude the likeliness of Baobabs at our place is much smaller than in Kruger. So they are something very exceptional. Statistics would say, they should not be here.

We are blessed having them in our garden.

And I love Baobabs.

The list is getting longer

Thursday, 19. June 2014

I guess we need to start an inventory of the “zoo” on our property:

There is

in, respectively next to the house:

  • Fintsch. The main coon, who did accompany us all the way from Germany and is enjoying meanwhile the third place in South Africa. Since he seems to perceive himself not as a cat but a human, I am not sure whether he counts.
  • Hlozi our african cat, that we should have named differently if we look at the behaviour she displays now
  • Mamma Kitten and Eric, the two cats we did inherit from the previous owner. They have to learn to get along with the peace keeping forces with two legs
  • Mungane and Zipho, our Rhodesian Ridgebacks, since May 22nd (5 days after we moved here) proud parents of
  • 12 Dinokeng Ridgebacks, starting to eat other than from her mother since today
  • and a squirrel

and on the rest of the farm in no specific order at a minimum

  • a Leopard Tortoise (the first of the Little Big 5)
  • a Duiker
  • a Scrub Hare
  • a Porcupine
  • a Mongoose
  • a kudu bull at some times in the year (for now he has obviously left again)
  • a Red-billed Hornbill
  • a Southern yellow-billed Hornbill
  • a Grey Lourie
  • Hummingbirds
  • a Crested Barbet
  • numerous hints for a Puffy
  • a number of birds, which we heard only and could not identify yet
  • and when I came back late afternoon, there was a Jackal !

The numerous butterfly species we leave up to our friend Danise to indentify.

Speaking to our neighbours and the reserve management I am sure this list will be extended dramatically.
When the fences will be down eventually, we will have opened up an important corridor. Then we can expect elephants, cheetahs, giraffes and even the lions close to our house. Not to speak about the zebras and all the antelope species.

I will keep you posted.