This was not my day!

27. June 2014 by Ludger

Started to work short to seven this morning, knowing a busy day was lying ahead.
Then after eight connectivity got bad to worse, ultimately kicking  me out of the VPN.
Luckily I had discussed such situation with the game reserve management and they had offered in such case I could work from their offices.  So only 20 minutes drive instead of 45. So far so good.

A number of calls indicated that the backs of the cupboards the guys where setting up at home didn’t fit. Blame is on me since I did let cut them based the documentation, rather than measure it myself. Found a way to make it work, not nice, but it works.

Next message: we have no more water in our tank!
Seems to be an electrical issue. I hope the borehole pump is not broken.
Back home Friday late afternoon, no time for bite (the first for today), but checking with the guy of a water company what is the issue.
Most likely it is the pump, so calls the guys with the recovery equipment and makes some guesses what pump model it might be. If we are lucky they have the right on stock.

Friday evening and no water – keeping fingers crossed

When the  guys with the equipment arrived sun was already setting. It is not a five minutes job to pull a pump out of a 140 meter shaft.
Once done it quickly is confirmed, the pump is broken. Luck in misfortune, it is the model they have in stock.

2014-06-27 18.06.24 copy2014-06-27 18.06.36 copyWhile they replace the motor I head to the house – it is pitch dark meanwhile – to bring our guys to town. They have worked overtime to get the bedroom cupboards installed.

It is already after 9 pm when I drive back onto the property. Only to meet on my way in the water guys leaving.
The pump is running. We have water. But I don’t look forward to the invoice I’ll receive on Monday.

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