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Oh what a night

Saturday, 7. June 2014

At 2 am Zipho came to my bed and woke me up. She indicated unquestionable that I should get out of the bed and let her out. As a mom of twelve puppies she enjoys jester’s license these days. So I followed her call, walked through the cold house to let her out. I expected her after a quick wee shortly back into the house.  Far wrong, she seemed to enjoy a night walk on the property. What else could I do than stepping outside and call her back in. It might have been 10 minutes in the freezing cold till she came back.

But still not yet back into the bed, since now she demanded food. Eventually back to bed trying to get warm quickly to not staying awake from shivering.

I was under the impression I was just back into deep sleep, when I was rudely awakened by a desperate screaming. My first thought Zipho has laid herself on one of the puppies. So back to the kitchen. But where is Zipho?

For this first very cold night we had covered half of the birth box with a fleece blanket. I found Zipho there under, stretched along the short wall of the box. And between (and under) her legs there where the puppies, ono next to the other. I had to count three times, to be sure there where all twelve.

Back to bed for another short stint. 6 o’clock it was light. Time to get up and to get things done.