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Move Impressions

Monday, 19. May 2014

DSCN1215-webIt is none of the famous Zimbabwe transports, although on the very same highway – N1 towards Polokwane.
But our friends pulling the trailer (taken from Monique’s pet express).

DSCN1220-webAnd this is the last turn from Sunday late night. Still to be unloaded on Monday morning.

Even in the chaos between unpacked boxes the day will becomeDSCN1216 -web miserable without a bite.

One of the surprises: there was no stove in the new houseDSCN1224-web – and it should take a week (and lots of efforts) until we got one.

And it is all about priorities which box to unpack first!DSCN1225-webDSCN1226-web

Hlozi and Fintch seem to be most relaxed in all the chaos and take ownership of bed and desk.
Do they realise it is their new home?