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Saturday, 17. May 2014

Unknown – and not so unknown – sounds put my milieu in a flurry of excitement.

Since sun set our dogs got mad about the yipping jackals all around.

Jackals were quiet by the time I got home. So we decided for a walk in the clear full moon night. Just a short walk to the studio about 75 meters from our house, and maybe staying there for a couple of minutes to enjoy the absolute quite atmosphere after a very busy day.

Just arriving at the studio we heard the lion’s roar in the distance. This made Monique turn on her heels, rushing back to the house.

Bushed, but not finished

Saturday, 17. May 2014

As vanguard I left at 9 am – two hours later than planned – with our Land Rover and the 4×4 camping trailer fully packed. But not with equipment for an overland trip, but with moving items.

I definitely will run late for the general meeting of the game reserve, and I will miss the radio workshop. But you just should not even try to cover anything other than moving on a moving day.

A train will follow. Led by friends of ours with their Defender pulling a 5 m trailer, Monique with her 130, being the vehicle for the menagerie, and the 4 ton truck of the movers.

Other friends show up as a surprise visit at our new place in Dinokeng.

We were far too optimistic with our planning, so not only the patio furniture was left behind in Centurion.
By 4 pm we head back to our old place, leaving Monique and the pets behind.

The movers help with the bulky items, the rest is with Danise, Charl and myself.
Unbelievable what is still in the house! And beyond expectation the capacity of the 130.
Leading to a late run to Dinokeng, entering the game reserve at about 22:00 hours.


5 hours

Saturday, 17. May 2014

at midnight we fell to bed – semiconscious, exhausted from a day packing (not the first one).
Alarm is set to 5 a.m. By far we are not ready yet to move. But the truck is booked to arrive at our place at 7:30.
Gives us little time to finish.