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Groceries a different way

Friday, 30. May 2014

In between two calls I rushed (actually shouldn’t say rushed at 25 km/h) to our neighbour at the end of the road. She is our supplier for the very best eggs you can imagine. Fresh from chickens that freely run the bushveld.
Three quarters of the way there are two giraffes on the left hand side of the road, and two zebras on the right (no Zebras crossing). On the way back we realise its not two giraffes, but 5. We didn’t see them in the thick bush from the other direction.

Moving pictures with sound

Wednesday, 28. May 2014


Back to work

Monday, 26. May 2014

after a week leave for our move I have to figure out what is the best itinerary and what the best time to get to the office.
Today I was delayed by zebras crossing.

Z E B R A S  crossing, not zebra crossing !

Yes, those with four legs, looking like a horse in a pyjamas, not the paint on the road.

I just was on the tar road for 500 meters, there was this zebra standing in the middle of the road. What else but waiting until it moves. But before this happened the next was coming out of the high grass on the left crossing the street, shortly after followed by a foal in full gallop, only starting the crossing of a number of others.