Easter Monday Feast

22. April 2014 by Ludger

Spent a good part of the past holidays with packing. Emptying the wendy house I came across the potjie. It was not used for a while, but this can be changed easily.

Make a fire and heat up the pot.DSCN1173-web

Add some vegetable oil and in goes the meat (today it is beef stew)DSCN1175-web.
When brown all around DSCN1176-web
add onions, garlic gloves,
two small dried chillies
and spices.

Add veggies, today first layer is potatoes, sweet corn and carrots cut in pieces together with herbes (Rosemary, Oregano, Basil fresh from the garden), then brinjals, some tomatoes, mangetout and parsleyDSCN1177-webDSCN1178-web.
Close the lid and keep the fire burning for the next couple of hours.
Check once in a while that the potjie does not run dry.
If necessary add some water
or red wine.


Comes sunset
and you have enjoyed your sundowner the feast is ready.



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    1. Jutta:

      Mjam Mjam. Klingt lecker und sieht auch lecker aus. Und ich hab wieder was gelernt: mangetout kannte ich noch nicht. Kommt das aus dem Französischen? für mich sieht es sehr französisch aus und daher sehr witzig.

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