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Stunning Sightings

Saturday, 4. January 2014

We started the new year with 3 nights in the Umlani Bushcamp in the Tambavati game reserve (greater Krueger NP area).
From a big 5 sightings perspective the stay was most amazing – stupid me didn’t bring the camera this time. While five game drives we saw:

  • 3 times the Leopard very extensively
  • 2 times four young Lions about forming a coalition (btw what do lions best? – another bottle is calling)
  • a couple of times dagga boys and once a huge herd (100+ if not more – you couldn’t count since they were in the bush all around) of Cape Buffalos
  • two times Rhinos
  • big herds of Elephants as well as solitary bulls, and unusual groupings like two very young mothers with their a couple of months old babys and a two year old

Not to forget the hyena, that strolled the open camp at night times and was not shy to arise when we came back in dark from the afternoon drive, and the lonely baboon that was somewhat attracted to the camp and had to be chased away now and again, and many other species.
If that stay would have been our first bush experience we clearly would think that the Blue Wildebeest is the most rare species in the bush.