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Why the jackal did call all night

Sunday, 10. November 2013

You may have read that we spent last weekend on a property in the Dinokeng Big5 game reserve. There was a jackal close by – we couldn’t spot him – howling constantly. Actually we thought it was more an alarm call than howling, but we couldn’t see anything. So we concluded he might want to disturb a leopard in the woods along the river about 500 meters away.

Yesterday we met the chairman of the DMA, who is living on the neighbouring property. And he could explain the cause of the jackals behaviour. Saturday morning a week ago there were three new lionesses released in that very same area as an attempt to establish a second pride in the reserve. It were the lions that made the jackal call. They were prowling along the river up and down – not a guess, but proved by the spur of their tracking device.

When we left Dinokeng last Sunday we had mixed feelings with regards to the lions. We knew there should have been the new lions close by, but we didn’t see nor hear them. So a bit of disappointment, but Monique was not sure whether she was rather relieved about that.

Now we know for sure they were around, but we only heard their impact.

We love the bush!