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Hurrah, Hurrah – this is real summer

Monday, 7. October 2013

On time at 5 PM – as we were used to every summer day in Sandton – the first storm for this season started. Although it wasn’t the heavy down-pour and the continuous  thunder and lightning all around that we like so much, but it definitely was a relief for our garden ending the drought of the winter months.

This first summer storm left me with some work to do – a rather big branch from the tree next to the house came down into the pool due to the heavy winds. But I don’t mind, I take it as another form of excercise.

The only downside of the storm – we are facing a power outage.
Luckily our stove runs on gas.

24/7 Challenge

Sunday, 6. October 2013

For the second time in her young life we have to keep Zipho away from Mungane (and vice versa).

Each time opening a door we have to be alert to prevent her sneaking thru. Whereby I am not sure whether sneaking is the right word, because besides her cleverness she uses all her strength and body mass.

And it doesn’t take long that you want to reach for earplugs, since Mungane’s whining is no longer to bear with.

For now I just hope that this phase ends rather sooner than later.