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Winch Day

Saturday, 14. September 2013

Another very educational and fun event by the Land Rover Owners Club.

Ivor, a former LROC member, but fully absorbed buy volunteering at  South African Rescue Services now, conducted a very  insightful introduction into “winching”.  The South African Rescue Service is gets involved in anything from recovering race cars at race courses to alpine rescue, from rescue at natural disasters like floods here to earth quakes and volcano eruptions overseas.

The theoretical part covered everything that is needed for secure “winching’, the winch and beyond. We learn how all the components from the winch cable to straps and shackles work together and how they need to fit together w.r.t. strength, maximum workload and breaking points. Although this section took much linger than anticipated, it wasn’t dull for a moment.

Second part was playing. Ivor and his SARS colleague were starting with examination of our equipment, and the demonstrating different winching scenarios.

IMG_0444-webIMG_0446-webHow to winch centered

by using a bridle

and securing it.

Securing with a sling
while winching with a
snatch bloc.

They concluded with a demonstration of a winching failure and it’s impact. This was quite impressive although only with a 1 ton breaking point, while our gear is layed out for a 12 t breaking point. So one could gain quite a sense about the stories on horror accidents when winching not safely.


Thursday, 12. September 2013

Attended the 2013/14 GM of the American Society of South Africa at Southern Sun Hyde Park.
Monique was mentioned in the president’s report and in the presentation there was a picture of her on her activities on Mandela Day: Cooking food and distributing it to people in need with “Meals on Wheels”.