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Time Flies – 6 Months Already ? !

Saturday, 28. September 2013

It is hard to believe, it is already half a year that we left for the Exploring Elephants tour, our first long trip with LROC. It seems I have been very busy in the interim, since I have not yet posted about our experiences. This has changed now.

DSCN6516-webAll those of you who are interested in our trip into Zimbabwe and Botswana,
and those who just want collect some inspirations what else to do than Kruger or the Winelands in Southern Africa,
go back in the timeline / archive.

Open up March 28th 2013 and you can follow day by day our trip.

For an overview and those who want to follow the tour on a map see the imprint on the T-shirt.

World Rhino Day

Sunday, 22. September 2013

The Land Rover Owners Club has picked up an initiative by African explorer Kingsley Holgate, and Monique together with Danise have pushed it to a success.

The initiative is all about creating awareness for our endangered rhinos and the thread of poaching and making children ambassadors for the cause. The rational behind this approach is the assumption that adults (parents) are becoming sensitive if and when they are confronted with a subject that is close to the heart of their children, and hopefully act accordingly. The method is providing children with a template to encourage them to express their knowledge, perception and experience with the subject by paintings.

046-webThe two Land Rover Club activists managed to distribute almost 3000 templates to schools in the area. And interesting enough they got the buy-in especially from schools in underprivileged communities. And the feedback was stunning. Monique was able to collect almost 700 paintings/drawings from Diepsloot Combined School, where she volunteers weekly with “EDUFun” in an English language skill enhancement program.

At Lesedi Cultural Village the two activist together with a teacher from Diepsloot and a representative from LROC met Kingsley Holgate to hand over the children’s works. Kingsley underpinned that this initiative is rather a journey than an event. And so ideas got exchanged how to perpetuate and what could be potential next activities.

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Amongst others – since none of the kids participating had ever seen a rhino in its natural environment – there was the idea the LROC organising a weekend in the bush, and each participating vehicle allow one or two of the participating kids to join, and hopefully allow them an exciting sighting of rhinos in their habitat.
049-webLet’s see whether this and other ideas materialize, since lots of prep work needs to be done, like getting the buy in from an NP or a private reserve, finding sponsors to cover the cost, establish a mechanism/process for a fair election of the kids to join, …

Early Summer

Sunday, 15. September 2013

Today we had the first communal braai for this season on the plot triggered by new tenants that have moved in beginning of the month.

Happy that Sue and Richard had installed a spray system at the braai place, otherwise it might have been almost too hot.
It seems we have brought summer with us from our trip to Mozambique (which reminds me that I have to edit some pictures – scale them down – to blog on the beach clean up). When we left the mercury showed a low of 1 degree Celsius on the week-end, since we are back temperatures reach the mid to late twenties.