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Dining out

Tuesday, 16. July 2013

It got late today in the office, at least too late to call a taxi. Well, I could have called one and stuck in traffic forever. Instead I decided for a walk to an Ethiopian restaurant rather close by. W.r.t. the behaviour in traffic I already had to revoke my initial statement about the discipline of the Kenyans, my 2-3 kilometer walk thru a neigbourhood outside the CBD did educate me different on the cleanness of Nairobi as well.

But that is not as important as my dining experience I want to share. I do love Ethiopian food, so it was a kind of natural that I looked for an Ethiopian place off the beaten track. I found Smart Village a kind of hidden restaurant with a great atmosphere.


If I had researched the internet more diligently I would have known that I actually was entering an Eritrean restaurant not an Ethiopian – and while most of the world’s population wouldn’t know the difference I am not sure whether there is any difference w.r.t. cuisine. The food was good, but not outstanding, but the injera surely one of the best I ever had.

IMG_0428-webIMG_0425-webThe whole experience was made perfect with an Ethiopian buna (coffee) ceremony where the smell of freshly roasted coffee beans nicely mixed with the smell of incense burned on charcoal in front of the coffee table.

Kenyan Coffee

Tuesday, 16. July 2013

is well known around the world at least amongst coffee lovers. Not so much known – at least completely unknown to me – is the following way to drink coffee. It is a completely new element to be added to the range from filter coffee to espresso, from cappuccino to all the varieties of coffee (alcohol) mix. Wikipedia lists more than 100 coffee specialties, with Austria clearly leading the creativity ranking, followed by Italy, and all the other countries far behind. No Kenyan variant is documented there, and not even Ethiopia – the home of coffee – with its unique coffee ceremony is mentioned (so much on the Euro-centricity of Wikipedia).

This is what I want to share:

Take a cup of very hot traditionally brewed coffee (strong filter coffee is a substitute)
Add two slices of lime
and a spoon of of honey

Stir and enjoy