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Nairobi Traffic

Monday, 15. July 2013

Colleagues warned me I should leave the office no later than 4 or well after 7. Since I didn’t have food other than breakfast and I didn’t want to starve I followed their advice. Although the taxis was already waiting and I lost no minute to get on the street, I could already sense what was going to happen rather sooner than later.

I did already experience bumper to bumper stop and go on the main roads on Saturday. Today I was bound to small streets outside the CBD. And while traffic lights didn’t matter too much in the CBD, there were no traffic lights at all (no police either) were we had to go back to the hotel.

No traffic signs either!
Used to South African customs I was expecting 4-way-stops.
Far wrong!
Yes, we were stopping, but it was a battle at each intersection. And I received the impression my driver was making the decision on the spot whether he was battling straight thru (or even worse turn right) or sneak out to the left.

Happy hat it wasn’t later so we made the way in a reasonable time. Because after my daily newspaper reading I am sure I wouldn’t have been brave enough for a boda boda – and a matatu might have been much cheeper but would not have allowed to gain any time advantage in a grid-lock situation.