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Stroll thru Nairobi

Friday, 12. July 2013

IMG_0412-webClass did end earlier today giving an opportunity to stroll thru the city.

Nairobi is very much different to Johannesburg. Starting with the traffic that is more chaotic, and taking your breath away – in a very physical way. Countless busses – not the Jo’burg mini busses / taxis – with interesting, not to say strange, bodies and Diesel engines from an era where filter appears to be a foreign word. Nothing for a sensitive nose!

IMG_0414-webThe city is buzzing, but there is nothing that really catches your eye. IMG_0408-webOr is this experience caused because you walk heads down to avoid stepping into – not animal remains or any rubbish – holes or not existing pavement. You have to walk slowly or pretty cautious, otherwise a twisted ankle could be the least outcome of a short excursion. Despite the traffic chaos – you have to fight your way across a street, cross-walks seem to have no meaning, and traffic lights seem more an element of ambiance than a mean of traffic control – there seems to be a high level of discipline. I didn’t see any cigarette but, bottle or can on the street.

I didn’t feel uncomfortable or unpleasant by any mean, but for any reason I realized how easy it would be to target me. While my 90 minute stroll I saw not more than three white faces.