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Nairobi – first impressions

Monday, 8. July 2013

The Kenyan lady next to me in KQ 763 warned me, it was cold in Nairobi.

Well, when I left the triple seven via the gangway it felt like a lush spring night.

Double check with the driver from the hotel: “I was told it was cold in Nairobi, but I don’t sense it. What is the weather like this time of the year?”
“Yes, it is cold. During the day not more than 20 – 30 degrees”

I am sure he was not referring to Fahrenheit.
So what was it?
Miscommunication or different perception of warm and cold?

This morning – view from my room at the Intercontinental Nairobi:
(click on the pics to magnify)


The building with the tower on the right is the parliament.
And, how cool is this:
Barely 10 meters from the hotel at a minimum 15 Marabu storks – most definitely not scared by the boggle (second pic, far left)