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A Model for German Football ? !

Friday, 5. July 2013

I confess right to the beginning, I am not the big expert in football.

But I tend to remember how many fans were not happy with decisions of the coach of their respective teams and were full-throated explaining who should play and who better not. Observing this you only could receive the impression there are many better coaches than the highly paid professionals.

Now look at this!
There is the Carling Black Label cup in South Africa where the power houses of South African club football compete. 80,000 seats sold within hours.
Well you may say, “of course it is a great derby”.  But there is more.

At this cup the fans actually determine how the respective starting line-ups look like using their phones to determine who is playing this day and who sitting on the bench, at least initially.
Even better, during the match they can determine who is coming as a substitution, and it is up to the coach to decide  who is going to be replaced by the fan voted substitute.


To trigger your feedback and comments there is just another bottle of South African wine to be won (to be collected or trunk at our place) by correctly answering the following question:
Who are the two power houses of South African club football?