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Maboneng Vibe

Sunday, 30. June 2013

The Maboneng Precinct with its slogan “Join the Inner City Lifestyle” is one of the projects changing Johannesburg downtown.¬†We knew about from early stages of our relocation, and we regularly go there but the energized atmosphere was pretty much limited to the enclosure of “Arts on Main”.

It wasn’t long since we have been there lastly. going there today we got caught by surprise. What a change! Not only “Arts on Main” was buzzing like every Sunday, but the neighbourhood around. We had to park a block away, a number of new restaurants, bars and stores around “Arts on Main”, lots of people in the streets and live music.

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Leather Seat

Tuesday, 18. June 2013


Afrika is not for sissies !


Winter is here

Wednesday, 12. June 2013

Driving out between the buildings onto the lawns of the plot we stay on I was blinded, not just by the bright sunlight, but by its reflection by the lawns. They were all white in frost.

It is still nice and warm during the day if you stay in the sun and there is no wind. But even our pets indicate that winter is here. When the dogs have done their running and rough plays they now longer go for their places on the patio but want to be inside. And even the cats in the evenings come inside without having called them.