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Thursday, 30. May 2013

When I phoned with my dad last Thursday we spoke amongst other about our Botswana-Zimbabwe trip around Easter, and that I was late blogging.

On the phone two days ago I realised that I had to say farewell.

Yesterday morning he decided to move on.

I am sad,
and happy that I did have the chance to say farewell, and that he didn’t have to suffer a lot.
And I am grateful that one of my siblings has been on his site when he made his last step
into greener pastures. Since he believed it was a new beginning.

Now it is our turn

Sunday, 12. May 2013

… to report a power outage.

Not that it would be uncommon to us, we encountered a couple of over that last few weeks, but this one seems to last long.

So it is at least a good reason to spent a Sunday morning in bed. And since we are well equipped with bushveld gear, we still had a scrumptious brunch.
But we realize once more how dependent we are on electricity, and how a lack of it limits your activities.

So far we don’t know yet about the cause nor when electricity will come back. Let’s keep fingers crossed it will be rather soon – the laptop battery doesn’t last forever. But actually I am more concerned for how long the water lasts in the tank without the borehole pump refilling, and how long both the geyser and the freezer keep temperatures.