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Heading Home (Day 10/10)

Saturday, 6. April 2013

DSCN6209-webWhen we set camp last night after a rather long driver we were rather focused on getting some food in our stomach than appreciating the environment. Having a sun downer, exchanging addresses, and recalling all the encounters of the last 9 days where a group of strangers became friends was on the agenda. Although it was the last night jointly around the camp fire it didn’t last too long. Sunrise over the pan this morning was something not to be missed.

Then breaking up camp and line up for a farewell picture.

DSCN6246-webDSCN6247-webDSCN6252-webAnd off we go for a long day on the road. But there is still the option to stay one more night over as other companions already have done. On the way lots of impressions and some funny encounter.



DSCN6410-webDSCN6412-web DSCN6415-web


Botswana – SA Border in sight: Time to decide whether taking it relaxed and staying over night, or pushing home.

Is this democracy? One decides, and the other has to execute?

On home soil! First pushing East while the shadows elongate.




And then there will be quite a stretch southwards in the dark.