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Kubu Island – an Island Thousand of Kilometers from the Ocean (Day 9/10)

Friday, 5. April 2013

DSCN5905-webDSCN5900-webThe destination of today’s stint is an island thousand of kilometers from any ocean. We cross the Thamalakane River and our GPS presents a rather rare display. We are actually driving on a tar road.

We enjoyDSCN5949-web the marketing creativity of the local craftsmen – if I had welding to be done, me too would probably trust in Doctor Steel, especially since he has a number of pieces of work in display;
we are astonished about the local basic services – fresh water distributed by donkey carts.

DSCN5978-web DSCN5979-webToday we take some pictures of one of the many veterinary check points on our way thru Botswana. To contain hoof and mouth disease at each veterinary district border tyres and shoes need to be disinfected, and we are lucky that we manage to not get confiscated our today’s rationing of braaivleis.

DSCN5986-web DSCN6001-webKids of the local community are cheering as we leave the tar road and head back into the bush.




The theme for the next stretch: Follow the dust!

DSCN6004-web DSCN6019-web DSCN6024-web







The landscape changes dramatically once we head into the pan.

DSCN6031-webIt is lunch time and another bonnet lunch is on the agenda.

For DSCN6033-web DSCN6032-webthis we stop at a rather big water hole, that initially we had to share with a crowd of vultures on the opposite bank.
DSCN6044-webDSCN6048-webBut it seems it is lunch time for all beast around. Wildebeest and zebra come in their hundreds to the far end of the water hole.

Not sure in what direction to watch out.


Freshly re-energized we head for Chapman’s Baobab, a gigantic specimen of its kind.


The vastness of the pan allows to see the earth’s curvature. A rare optical perception on mainland. Not to forget the mirages that lead to believe being at the beach.


We experience first hand why land based speed records are concluded on salt lakes. And it is salt, indeed – at least salty sand.


And despite the vastness of the pan we only slightly miss the track.