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Time Travel (Day 8/10)

Thursday, 4. April 2013

DSCN5776-webToday’s stint  is starting with deep sand again when we make our way towards Savuti, initially the destination of yesterday’s leg. After relaxing night and a good bush breakfast it is an easy challenge, but yesterday afternoon it would have been tough.

DSCN5783-webWe only stop shortly at Savuti camp entrance for a check on one of the vehicles – false alarm. But we seem to look so professional confident that we get asked for advise by some other vehicles coming from the camp. This place seems to be busy – good that we stayed at Linyanti for last night.DSCN5792-web

It is now destination Maun, and sand remains our companion for the most part.

Once we reach what we are going to call the dust highway – a wide pretty even dirt road with a thin layer of fine sand – our convoy stretches; keeping distance to gain some visibility and to minimise the amount of sand we are eating.

We are back in civilization.


DSCN5891-webDSCN5892-webOur Camp in Maun is an example of how to make money. Yes our perspective might have been twisted at bit by the experience of he last couple of days where there have been nobody else but our group for miles around. Here we make camp as close to each other as on a parking lot in Sandton. And our trailers barely find a spot to camp. Since we had booked upfront it is not that we had to squeeze for not having planned, but it seems the concept of the camp – the more vehicles you get on the ground the more money you make out of a small piece of land. We don’t allow us to be bothered but head for a cool beer at the camp’s bar.

We knew this morning we were going back to civilization, Maun is the biggest town far around, but we did not anticipate a time travel. Looking at the people around us we could feel like in the late 60s, early 70s. Hippies – time has stood still ever since, only their hair has grown grey and juvenile skin has turned into wrinkles ever since. And wanna-be-hippies, who’s parents must have been still in their diapers back that time.
There is great music from the bar, so we don’t bother too much that the boat for a river cruise is out of order. Instead we enjoy the atmosphere and dinner next to the river bank served by the bar.