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Border Adventure – to be forgotten fast (Day 6/10 – 1)

Tuesday, 2. April 2013

DSCN5518-webBefore leaving Victor Falls we spent the morning at Victoria Falls Safari Lodge for a very insightful session with a leading conservationist, sharing the wealth of his rich experience. It is still a long way to go but first steps were made giving hope when he was talking about the projects to connect the parks and allowing wildlife to roam from Mozambique and South Africa through Zimbabwe and Botswana to Zambia and further North.


DSCN5522-webDSCN5523-webReaching the border without interruption – not even the police road block we had been warned of at the lodge made us stop – we got caught for more than an hour. They collected our passport and said we must not cross border until we had settled outstanding payment with the campsite. All circumstances looked pretty dodgy despite the big posters in the border post that there is zero tolerance w.r.t. bribes. Stupidly our tour leader had lost the receipt, and it needed some negotiations until he – and only him – was allowed to go back to Victoria Falls to get the issue settled.

After the liberating call from the campsite it went pretty quickly that we got our papers. But it was not over yet. The gate keeper – this time we had our gate passes – for any reason knew that we were Germans. He assumed we must have beer with us. When I denied he countered “But you are Germans, you surely have whiskey.” It was crystal clear what he did want, but we were firm not to bribe him. After a while he gave in and let us pass.

DSCN5526-webWe were happy being back in Botswana.

Heading into Kasane to stock up before we got back on the road/track to our next destination: The Chobe National Park.

A place to come back to (Day 6/10 – 2)

Tuesday, 2. April 2013

DSCN5526-webDSCN5527-webWe lost two hours at the Zimbabwean border today, but the afternoon was to outweigh this experience.

We turned Southwest towards the Namibian border to enter Chobe National Park shortly.

Once more a couple of kilometers on sand towards the DSCN5533-webDSCN5539-webChobe river with abundance of wildlife.

There are buffalos as big as I haven’t seen before. And those who just came out of the waters of the Chobe river they are looking more like massive bronze statues than actual beast.



There are giraffes in their numbers – I am very much thrilled about their elegance, and never before saw large groups of them running. What a sight!


And not to forget the large herds of elephants in and out the river, who teach us patience and force us partly into the Chobe and over bumpy river banks.


DSCN5582-webDSCN5567-webDSCN5575-webFinally the camp, without fences of course, and where we pitched just 15 minutes earlier a group of buffalos haved passed thru. Sun sets quickly and Monique checks the waters with her torch, and indeed the river is crocodile infested, And not to forget the hippos we hear just around the corner.