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MOSI-OA-TUNYA (Day 5/10)

Monday, 1. April 2013

DSCN5333-webSmoke that Thunders.

We have seen this “smoke” from the distance when we were approaching Victoria Falls.
Now we are in walking distance, convening for breakfast and the briefing on the day.
By noon we will jointly drive to an elephant sanctuary and have lunch there. The rest of the day is at everybody’s discretion, and of course we will go to the falls

The entrance to the Victoria Fall park is pretty touristy. Stands competing to rent raincoats and sell the usual memorabilia. The entrance fee pretty expensive – at least if you are not Zimbabwean or South African.
The falls  –  breath taking.       We start with the viewpoint at Devils Cataract:

VicFalls – Ludger falls: I guess everybody knows this classic on hidden malignity. Taking a panoramic picture of a “beloved” family member. “One step back, mother-in-law! One more step!, Just one more! …. Ups”
Well in this case I was taking the panoramic picture, and I was stepping one back, and another one, and stepped over the edge of the paved walkway. My foot touches the mud and was pulled away – there was no holding.


Meanwhile we know why they are renting out raincoats: we are soaked to the skin within minutes.


Imagine you stand at water level just 60 meters across the rim of the main fall, but you can’t see the opposite site of the canyon – such dense is the spray.
This is why you should visit the Victoria Falls at least twice. One time at high-water -like us – to encounter the power and mightiness, one time at low-water to experience the size of the falls.

Who saw us walking back. Our gait must have looked funny, you just can’t walk normal all clothes soaking wet.
Just enough time to get changed and the bus was waiting to bring us to the elephant sanctuary for lunch.

DSCN5460-webDSCN5468-webThe elephant encounter at the sanctuary was great.

We learned new stuff although
it was not our first time in a

The elephant toddler clearly had fun.
And what would some ladies pay for such lashes.