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Morning has Broken (Day 3/10)

Saturday, 30. March 2013

Cat Stevens’ voice loud and clear indicated the night was over. We had a good and deep sleep despite the fact that we had heard lions in the distance during the night. An amazing feeling having stayed over in the middle of the bush hours away from the next human settlement.

The fire is quickly back at full force and soon a hearty breakfast awaiting.
And then what will become a routine over the next couple of days, packing and clearing the site so that there is close to nothing remembering that we’ve been here.

We are curious what the day will bring, how challenging the track will be, what sightings and surprises will be offered.

DSCN5105-webDSCN5106-webCat Stevens seems have
chased all animals away.
The Termite mount we
come across next is only
one of many, but still
pretty peculiar.

A new experience and skill
to learn is looking for the
mud conditions.

At the next water hole there is proof we are in elephant country. Look at this tree used as rubbing post. You only can imagine how big these animals are if you compare to a human scale. Taun may be 1.75 m – look how much above his head the rubbing marks reach.


The track becomes narrower and the gras grows higher, a clear indication that the land gets wetter. Which means, stay alert for mud.



DSCN5181-webInteresting spurs an elephant – in this very case actually multiple elephants – leaves behind in this environment. Not to be overseen, but to be known to be recognised.


The track is changing,
sand  again,
and there were
other tracks to be found.

DSCN5210-webDSCN5212-web DSCN5211-web

Clear evidence, we are in Lion territory.

But we don’t see them. Instead some nice flowers along the way.

And the driving becomes more challenging again


Then the landscape opens and we drive into the pan.
Water almost everywhere, and consequestly mud. This time no way around, only thru.


Although nobody got stuck, and most of the mud areas we could circumnavigate today’s stint took longer than expected: 165 kilometers in 5:45 hours, meaning 28 kilometers per hour – admitted we made some stops to check out road conditions, identify tracks, or hoping the raptor which caught a snake in flight very close to the car would allow for a nice picture.

So we were starting to starve and our leader decided to make camp for a late lunch / early dinner.

DSCN5278-web                                          A muffin in style

.                                             as a combination of
.                                             high tea

.                                             and

.                                             appetiser.