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Now the Adventure Starts (Day 2/10)

Friday, 29. March 2013

After a relaxed breakfast we head into Nata to get filled up. The pump station is not only the meeting point for all motorists, but also the playground of a local chicken.

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We are leaving Nata towards Kasane, but off the beaten tracks. We follow the old Hunters Road along the Botswana/Zimbabwe border. True Africa and two nights of wild camping in the middle of the bush are lying ahead of us.


The road, which actually is just a track quickly becomes narrower and less visible. Serious driving just starts.


Reaching the water hole where we intend to have lunch, there is somebody else who had the same idea. And he seems not amused seeing us coming. But if he stays on his side and we on ours, we will be all fine. And we can enjoy our first bonnet lunch.


Freshly starched we head for the first dune. One of the trailers is struggling a bit climbing it. So we stop on top. Monique gets upset when she leaves the vehicle. “Why do people litter everywhere”, she says when she reaches for a piece of wire sticking out of the sand. Only to realise that it is quite a big piece of wire, which she can’t pull from under the car.


Why us again?

Wire off the axles it is about deflating the tyres to get ready for deep sand.

DSCN5059-webDSCN5061-webDSCN5062-webDriving is complemented by watching out for sightings, and later in the day for a place to stay. The water hole in the middle of nowhere looks like an ideal spot to make camp with a chance to potentially spot wild life just next.


Preparing the bushshower and setting up tent and then sitting around the fire for dinner.