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Exploring Elephants

Thursday, 14. March 2013
We will be departing in the morning of the 28th of March from the Petro-port just north of Pretoria on the N1 at 04:30AM. We will travel up to Nata, which will be the first overnight stop. From here the distances traveled become shorter. We then enter the hunters road, where we wild camp for 2 nights whilst making our way to Kasane. At Kasane we enter to Zimbabwe, and on to Victoria Falls, where we will spend two nights. Whilst there we will visit wild horizons, and get up close and personal with the elephants. After 2 nights at Victoria Falls, we head back into Botswana where we will overnight in Chobe, and then in Savuti. this is the place with the highest concentration of elephant in the world.
From Chobe we make our way to Maun, for a overnight break before heading to the Makgadigadi, where we spend the last night of the trip at Kubu Island.
Google Maps is so poor w.r.t. Botswana, that it only approximately can indicate our route.
The Hunters Road between Nata and Kasane is not reflected.
The way back is even worse. Our stay overs are marked approximately only, the map shows no route.