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Intended a slow start into the day – got into a rush

Saturday, 9. March 2013

Plan was for a relaxed breakfast – and then going towards O.R. Tambo.

It almost changed with the first activity: Arriving at Woolworth Crawthorn I realised that I left home without a wallet.

No Croissants without cash or credit card!

Okay, ready for the trip a second time. But some time for a relaxed breakfast has gone by this.

Then, back home, I realise that Monique, is a bit hectic. “What’s up, do you want to go to the airport earlier? Okay, then let me check the flight tracker”

Guess what, flight LH 572 has already landed – 37 minutes early!

So no breakfast, but in the car to O.R. Tambo not being late to greet Monique’s grand-daughter and her parents.

Should have taken time for breakfast, still waited about an hour ’till they got thru customs.