Elephant Encounter

26. February 2013 by Ludger

DSC01266-web-selectOn our way to Hamiltons – almost half way already from Satara, and we just had past a breeding herd of elephants – Monique suddenly said: “Stop, pull back, there was a carcass.”

Not the easiest task with a trailer on a dirt road, but since we just past, and the street was pretty good and straight it was not as mission.

DSCN3537-webWhile bending over to the left looking at the Buffalo remains and discussion how old it was – the stench hardly to bear – Kado was giving inarticulate sounds, and waving her arms.

I thought there might have been an insect flying through the open windows into the back of the car, and couldn’t understand the hassle. Until I realised a a shadow on my right. There was an Elephant coming out of the bush just next to the car.

Luckily it seemed all he wanted was getting onto the “highway”, and he was not interested in our Landy  – just a while ago we were told Elephants wouldn’t like the colour white.

DSC01271-webWe were waiting to give way. But just when he did reach the tree on the RHS, another vehicle came around the corner from the opposite direction.

The elephant obviously felt trapped and showed signs of irritation: pawing with his font legs, putting his trunk over the tusk, moving from to road and back onto the road, …
The other car pulled back and it took a while ’til he went off the road.

I said “Let’s give him a couple of minute”, but the driver of  car on the opposite side was not as patient, and guess what happened. When the car passed the spot where the Elephant left the road he was coming back onto the road and following the car. Now directly into our direction.
I pulled back a little bit, but since just before we stopped I did pull to the side to give way potential other vehicles, the trailer moved towards the bush and we were stuck.

Luckily the Elephant did see that I was pulling back a bit, and seemed to be happy with it. He stayed for a while on the road, clearly uncertain what to do next, until he turned around and started trotting away along the road. Ultimately he turned off the left. And when I saw he was clearly going down the bank slope to the river, we continued our journey.
Until then everybody in the car seemed to be frozen, not even a push on the shutter release. So no other pictures from this encounter.

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