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An almost perfect start into the X-Mas Holidays

Sunday, 23. December 2012

This morning:
Getting out to Saddlebrook for a nice long walk with the dogs. unfortunately it ended with a shocker: Monique was worried about the horse people and their hounding dogs in the distance. All her attention was on the pack and where they where hunting to, so she missed the roughness of our path, fell and twisted her angle.
Back home after a shower you could literally watch how the contour of her angle grew. Next: checking the Waterfall City Hospital out.
Relief after a good hour: only a sprain, but very painful anyhow.

This afternoon:
Our neighbours on the plot were our guest for stollen, lebkuchen, and Spekulatius (there is no real English word for it: Leo’s “traditional spicy Christmas cookie” can be anything).
Background music: Wir warten auf’s Christkind (We’re waiting for the Christ-child) a Christmas album by the German punk band Die Toten Hosen.

Dinner for two:
Leg of lamb with a Pinotage gravy, green beans with cherry tomatoes and garlic butter, whole small new potatoes in herbs.
The dogs enjoyed the lamb leg bones,
and we enjoyed very much a 2003 Shiraz from Stellenbosch.

And we swear, it is not Rudolph on the wall.



Who remembers …

Saturday, 22. December 2012


One of their best known songs came to my mind when I loaded the below pictures from the camera onto the PC.
“Joy to the world, …
all the dogs and girls, now”
(do I remember correctly?  ;-))

Okay, okay, these are not really the lyrics: “Mungane is a ridgeback, is a good friend of mine I never understand a single word he barks …”
But pretty close, right?

Well, but misleading, since it is not Mungane but Zipho in the water, but her name doesn’t go with the rhythm of the lyrics.
And just for the records, the pics are taken December 7th.

But if this adaption intrigues you for a journey in time just follow this link:

Afrika finds it’s Way into Monique’s Art

Sunday, 9. December 2012

And it looks great behind our dining table too.

Pushing our Irene Village Market acquirement where it belongs: on the side.