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Friday, 30. November 2012

Take five minutes of your time.

Put your headphones on or connect your speakers with your PC.

Turn volume on
click the link
watch and enjoy


Sunday, 25. November 2012

“You went clubbing, and we had to stay home”

“You may want to reconsider whether this was a brilliant idea.” “Wuff!”

Emirates Efficency

Tuesday, 20. November 2012

Traveling to Dubai for a workshop I took the mid day flight. You can imagine I was very happy when the captain did announce we would be 25 minutes early. It really makes a difference if you arrive before midnight or only after.

But guess what, instead of docking at a gate they did park the aircraft in the dessert, meaning – according to their announcement – a bus transfer of up to half an hour. So I finally got to my room at half past one with alarm to be set at 6:00 AM.

After a short night a nice view at least from my room at 8th floor.