Diamonds are a Girls Best Friends

20. October 2012 by Ludger

… but these days I am not in a position to buy a diamond for my girl.

As if the heaven knew it was sending thousands of diamonds to her birthday. Unfortunately they had undergone a metamorphosis ’til they arrived.

Look at the size a good 30 minutes after touching the ground. Would have made a bling ring.

Otherwise quite some destruction, half of the leaves of the trees. But the dogs were exited about the change of the environment.

With the difference of the leaf-covered patio and the pool barely to be recognised, they stepped into the water a couple of times while their wild play.

We were not so happy with the storm’s outcome. Whereby the chairs thrown around didn’t really matter. But just the first level of pool clean-up took a couple of hours. Some of the stuff outside , like one of the dog’s water bowls didn’t resist the heavenly forces; likewise the backyard light and four window panes.

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