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Potjie Day

Friday, 12. October 2012

is an IBM Software Group South Africa tradition, that invites teams within SWG to an “one pot” outdoor cooking competition. A Potjie is actually a three-legged cast-iron pot for cooking any kind of stew. The SWG Potjie Day competition is about the taste of the dish, its presentation, and the originality of the decoration. Usually there is a theme the cooking and presentation should go along. This year it was around movies.

Already postponed once today was a bad choice from a meteorological point of view. The skies looked bad this morning and the weather forecast indicated high likeliness of rain for the weekend. It actually had rained already during the night, meaning wet streets, translating in a number of accidents and robots out of order, so I did arrive at the venue decently later than planned. Still I was among the first, and my team already well represented. The first gazebo was already erected. We just had build up mine and were starting to connect it to our fits gazebo when all hell was let loose. Thunder, storm, and lightning and rain came down in buckets. Just running from the gazebo to the shelter 10 meters away you were wet to the bones.

Waiting for an hour, and no indication the rain would end anytime soon. So Potjie Day got cancelled – to be rescheduled. There should be no doubt about the moral victors. Not only did we out-number the other teams, but we were the only that already had theme related food – side dishes – ready, and …

Guess what was our theme.