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After Marikana

Friday, 21. September 2012

I have to admit I am barely following the European press. But from time to time I am interested not only what is going on in Europe, but in the perception of Africa, and especially South Africa.
I was expecting the Marikana killings would fuel the doom-laden commentary about South Africa. Especially since the economics centric press and broadcast in South Africa doesn’t get tired to repeat its whining about the negative impact on South Africa’s image abroad and on the “so much needed” foreign investors. (To be honest I am getting sick and tired about these spineless proponents and apologists of capitalism.)

Did I look too late? Or not careful enough? I didn’t find any reflection on South Africa lately.

The more I enjoyed reading in the Mail & Guardian (“Africa’s Best Read) a comment by Thomas Cargill, assistant head of the Africa programme at Chatham House, an independant policy institute based in London. I guess his view doesn’t get much publicity in Europe either.

Interested? See the scan of the M&G issue from September 21st.



Thursday, 20. September 2012

Almost a month ago Monique ultimately got her certificate on dangerous snake handling.

I know that there are a number of readers of this blog with all of Monique’s wildlife achievements, are torn between “These are fairy tales – Monique is tough, but she is too anxious for that” and “Has she become completely crazy?”
And those may say, “Well, yes a certificate.”
“Sure, signed.”
“Issued by an organisation with reputation.”
“But …”

For all those, here is additional evidence.



She obviously enjoys the Puff Adder,
despite its weight.






But what about the
Mozambique Spitting Cobra?


The protective hat definitely would be an eye-catcher at the Royal Ascot hat parade.

Leaving a Steam Room – Arriving in a Freezer

Friday, 7. September 2012

What is this?
I was happy to leave Dubai getting back home and enjoying our nice weather. But arriving at O.R.Tambo last night it had only 7 degrees Celsius.
And it had been raining cats and dogs for hours.

Rain in early September? On the Highveld?