Security Madness

6. September 2012 by Ludger

You know the typical questions before scanning the cabin luggage on departure. “You’ve got no knife or sharp items in your bag? No liquids more than 100ml?” And as a seasoned traveler your answer is “No” and you make no attempt having anything banned in your bag, because it only would make your fellow passengers angry because you were blocking the queue.

Same procedure in Dubai, and they ask you right upfront not only to put any keys or coins on the x-ray system, but also your belt. At least no as bad as with some airports inĀ  the US where your have to get off your shoes too.

Guess what my laptop bag didn’t suite the security staffs liking. Or to be more precise its content. So what do you carry in your laptop bag other than the laptop, its power supply, a pen or two, maybe a scratchpad, a power adapter and a magazine. And as traveling IBMer of course a Kensington.
So they scrutinised my laptop bag, and guess what: They didn’t like the Kensington.
– “No allowed on board!”
> “What???”
– “No allowed on board!”
I am utterly speechless. “But our company’s policies requires that we do not travel with a laptop without a Kensington.”
– “No allowed on board! We have to confiscate it.”

What can I do? The I spotted a police or customs officer close by.

“Sir, they have confiscated my Kensington lock. It is my company’s asset, and it is IBM’s policy that I must not travel without it.”
“Who did this?”
“The security personnel at this-ray.”

He asked the security staff what they did confiscate, picked it, gave it to me wishing me a safe flight.

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