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Night Flight Nightmare

Saturday, 1. September 2012

Just almost recovered almost from my worst night flight ever.

Although the flight was only about 8 hours, and the timezone difference only 2 hours I never arrived such tired and torn at any destination.

Lessons learned: It is not all about legroom!

Legroom actually was very good. But that doesn’t help a lot if the seat is just uncomfortable. I could have ignored that the you could not position the tray tables at all, because that did only impact when food was served.

Speaking of food: Airline food is never great in coach, but it  can be decent. This one was not bad, but merely average. And same applies to the service. But all this did not cause the bad experience, so back to seating.

As said the seat were uncomfortable – and I just ignore here the challenge with the tray table and the wrongly positioned cup holder (some airline seats even haven’t one). The seat just didn’t fit my body, and especially not in the rest position. But most important – this have been the narrowest seats ever.
Sitting on a middle seat with a normal size guy on my right, and a big guy on the left on the aisle seat, there was no chance for a nap. Laterally squeezed for for hours on an uncomfortable seat is close to torture, and enough leg room doesn’t make it any better.

A good hour in the customs / immigration queue hat least helped that the luggage was on the conveyor belt when arriving there.

The hotel pick up service could not outweigh the night, although you could feel like a sheik in the back of the A8.
And luckily the room was ready for early arrival. Taking a shower and closing the curtains and I fell asleep in a moment.