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You won’t believe

Monday, 16. July 2012

what was in the SA news today.

“Farms in the Western Cape province get supplied with food and fire wood by helicopter.
Due to high snows there is no other means to reach them.

I wonder what they would have done 100 years ago with no phones nor helicopters

Moved by 25 Meters – maximum!

Monday, 16. July 2012

That is true for my new desk in the office, but more importantly for our home.

Our new place is literally not more than 25 meters apart. But I can’t imagine how many km we might have done on Saturday and Sunday, even though Monique and two household helpers had carried at lot on Friday already.

And there is still a lot to do! Although Monique’s pics are hiding pretty well the moving box chaos.

The lady’s room, Mungane patrolling the passage, and the combined master bedroom and study.