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Where have all the visitors been?

Monday, 9. July 2012

When we left Germany, meanwhile almost 3 years ago, there where plenty pledges we would see us in Africa.

Well, we did anticipate that the actual number of guest in South Africa would be decently lower than the number of guests at our farewell party.

What is holding you up guys? Are you scared about the lions, the crocs and cobras – sure they roam the streets here (at least at night time). 😉

Africa is not for sissies!

Or is what we had to offer not adventurous enough?

Then may be the following is a lure.

We shared pictures and stories about our Defender, a true safari vehicle. Since it still may take some time to start our dream, a lodge in a Big 5 reserve we are conceptualizing the interim: guided tours thru Southern Africa. We can easily accommodate 4 to 6 guests traveling in two Land Rovers.