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Time to move on

Sunday, 1. July 2012

After more than 15 years in the document management, enterprise content management and business process management space it is time to move on.

It never was boring, but ever interesting due to ever extending capabilities. From imaging and static content to complex and compound document management, from document routing and simple workflow to end-to-end business process management, from document / content life cycle to records management and content governance, from active content to adaptive case management, from metadata and full-text search to content analytics the area is far from being at the end of its journey.

And while it is a success story on the one hand it is far from being mainstream, and misunderstood and neglected to a large extend. There ever was and still is the promise of the next killer application, and I truly believe in the splendid future of this technology and business area, but for now I will be an external observer at most.

All the best to those who stay in this segment.

I’ll share my endeavour as soon as there is an official announcement.