Wild Card

30. June 2012 by Ludger

We applied for a Wild Card a while ago. The Wild Card allows unlimited access to the National Parks. I wonder whether we will make sufficient use.

Getting the Wild Card was quite a mission. Administration took so long, that once it was sent, our post box was changed, and the post office didn’t act accordingly. So the card was sent back to SANParks. Numerous phone calls and days, if not weeks later we got it, thru a notification in our post box to pick it up in the post office.

An other benefit of the Wild Card is getting regularly sent the Wild Card magazine.

Is anybody detecting anything?

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    1. Jutta:

      Oh, haben die das Teil tatsächlich erst mal nach Deutschland geschickt? Hatte mich schon über den Airmail Stempel gewundert, die Adresse konnte ich aber erst lesen, nachdem ich das Foto vergrößert hatte.
      Gibt es hier in Deutschland überhaupt ein Johannesburg?…. ich kenn nur Johannisberg 😉

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